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Catherine Walks In And Sees Luna Lying On The Bed, Wearing Her Boxing Shorts After A Long Day Of Training. Catherine Asks If She Wants A Massage. Of Course Luna Says Yes And Catherine Massages Luna's Back With Her Wholeheartedly Enjoying It.

Catherine Then Reaches Into Luna's Pants, Grabs Her Undies, And Pulls Them Slowly Up Her Butt. She Is Wearing Fairly Tight Multicolored BRIGHT Undies. Luna Whole Heartily Enjoys It, Squeaks Of Pleasure, Smiling, And Telling Catherine To Pull Harder. Catherine Then Slides The Boxer Training Shorts Down To Luna's Ankles, And Leaves Them Around Her Ankles.

Catherine Yanks Luna's Underwear Up This Time By The Legholes, And Ties It With A Hair Tie, And Tells Her To Leave It Like That.
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September 17, 2013
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