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September 16, 2013
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The Atomic Wedgie is The Most Famous And The Most Painful Of All Wedgies And If You Don't Know What A Atomic Wedgie Is I'll Tell You What It Is A Atomic Wedgie Is: When The Nerd's Underwear Is Pulled Up So High That It Either Goes Over The Nerd's Head Or It Rips Off Completely Off. If Over The Head The Waistband Can Be Hooked Over The Nose Or In The Mouth(Adding Insult To The Injury The Nerd Will Be Blinded By Their Underwear And Forced To Taste It). And Here's Some Techniques That If You Want To Give Someone A Atomic Wedgie To Girls Not Guys Though That's Creepy But Anyway Here's The Techniques: To Get The Back Of The Underwear To Stretch From The Butt All The Way To The Head Depends On The Material The Underwear Is Made Out Of And Requires Continuously Pulling On The Fabric To Stretch It Out But Not Enough To Rip It. Grabbing At The Waistband Will Most Likely End Up In The Waistband Being Ripped Off From The Rest Of The Underwear If You Want A Non-Ripped-Over-The-Head Atomic Wedgie You'll Need To Go For The Legholes. Stretching The Legholes As High As They Can Go Means The Fabric Attached To The Waistband Gets Put Under Less Strain And Is Less Likely To Rip Apart. And Here's How To Give Yourself A Atomic Wedgie If You Want To Give Yourself A Atomic Wedgie: A Hanging Wedgie Could Work But There Is Always The Chance Of Breaking Unexpectedly. Every Pair Of Underwear Has It's Breaking Point But Types Like The Jock Lock Wedgie, Propeller Wedgie Or Even The Normal Wedgie Are More Ideal. The Jock Lock Wedgie Will Put A Good Amount Of Strain On The Leg Holes And You Can Kick To Help The Process. For A Propeller Wedgie Just Crank A Few Times To Twist The Legholes Tightly Then Tug. You Can Leave Both Of These In While Watching TV Or Using The Computer To Pass The Time. When You Think The Legholes Are Stretched Out Enough And You Go To Give Yourself A Atomic Wedgie Try Doing It Standing Up And Laying Down
The Best Wedgie Ever
LucRio1000 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013

You don't need to capitalize every single word.


You also need to seperate your sentences with commas, periods, explanation points, etc.


And also have them separated into paragraphs. If you that, you'll greatly improve these stories.

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